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Hillary’s Health


By Hunter Wallace

So this happened today during Hillary’s return to the campaign trail in Ohio.

Initially, I was skeptical of the theories that Hillary Clinton is in bad health, which was based on an image of her tongue, a few stumbles, and some coughing fits. The evidence is now steadily accumulating though that she is sick:

Dr. Drew getting fired from CNN.
– Hillary’s absence from the campaign trail.
– Hillary’s refusal to hold press conferences.
– Hillary’s coughing fits aren’t going away.

All of that was suspicious: why is she so inaccessible?

– There were reports that Hillary wanted to sit down at the debates.
– The FBI report in which Hillary couldn’t remember 39 things which she blamed on poor memory due to her concussion.
– Hillary’s refusal to release her medical records.
The defensiveness of the media on this subject.

As far as I know, Hillary Clinton isn’t a smoker. Why do you think she is coughing like this? Why has it been going on for months? Seriously, who coughs like that – not just once at her rally, but twice at the press gaggle – for that long who isn’t sick?

Later, on board her new plane this afternoon: