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MEDIA LIED: Spree shooter is a Muslim Immigrant who hates women

For 24 hours, the so-called “mainstream media” falsely told the public that the Burlington, Washington spree shooter was “Hispanic.” In reality he is an Muslim immigrant from Turkey. Now the media is making up completely fake “motives” and claiming the attack does not constitute terrorism, nor was it motivated by the shooters religion or culture.

People who know the shooter say otherwise. The shooter was mainly targeting female victims. He killed four women aged 16 to 95. He also killed one male victim who was in the way. The evidence we have so far suggests that this was anti-female hate crime and probably motivated, at least in part, by the killer’s religion and native Turkish culture.

The shooter also publicly supported Hillary Clinton on Twitter.

This is the third Muslim immigrant to launch a terrorist style attack in the USA in the past week.