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Tribute To Phyllis Schalfly (R.I.P.)


By Earl P. Holt III

It is absolutely impossible to imagine Phyllis Schalfly at rest. For better than 70 years, she devoted every waking minute to serving her God, her family, or pursuing her often lonely crusade against Marxism in all its manifestations.

Her devotion to her God never foundered: It is evident in many things, but particularly in her courageous and tireless up-hill battle to save and protect the lives of the innocent Unborn, which this nation so carelessly discards.

Her devotion to her family is evident in what exemplary and accomplished citizens her children have all become, and what character she has helped instill in them. I haven’t met any I didn’t like, and I’m genuinely proud to call John and Bruce my friends.

For more than 70 years, Phyllis Schlafly has battled the most relentless of all foes, the ideology of Marxism, responsible for the murder of 100 million innocent souls in the 20th Century. Against this Ideology of Evil she gave no quarter, and often scored direct hits against the enemy in whatever campaign or reform she organized.

Her dauntless courage, her wisdom, and her refusal to concede one inch of battleground to America’s enemies – either foreign or domestic — will be missed in the Culture Wars to come, and the latter are imminent: For, if there’s one thing Phyllis Schlafly understood like no one else – and it’s evident in her 70 years of leadership — it is that such battles can never actually end, because the source of the antagonism is as old as Genesis and the Garden of Eden.

Her successful battle against the so-called “Equal Rights Amendment” was Quixotic but inspiring to all of us. Although routinely and viciously attacked by so-called “Feminists” –- the Ladies Auxiliary of Marxism — she never wavered in her resolve.

The U.S. Olympic Hockey victory over the Soviets in 1980 was a cakewalk compared to Phyllis Schlafly’s battle against the E.R.A. It was a true David and Goliath battle, for which author George Gilder called her “the most effective politician in America.” To state it simply, but accurately, she could out-work and out-organize any adversary.

In addition to publishing something like 25 books, she has written a syndicated column for years, hosted radio shows, edited her EDUCATION REPORTER, edited her PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY REPORT, served as President and Chair of Eagle Forum, served on various committees of the Republican National Committee, served on Advisory Committees for Republican Presidents, ran for office three times, and raised a wonderful family.

However, the true test of her courage and devotion is evidenced in the many times she entered the Lion’s Den of so-called “Higher Education” in order to deliver a speech before an often hostile audience.

Any litany of Phyllis Schlafly’s accomplishments is so endless, merely recounting them is exhausting, and so these crusades must also have exhausted her. Yet, with typical Christian Humility, she never asked for recognition or credit for any endeavor she undertook, nor did she ever complain about the burden of responsibility foisted upon her, and so she is finally receiving the rest that she has so greatly deserved for so many years.

And, she is finally reunited with her God, her late husband, her parents, The Gipper, Joe McCarthy, Stan Evans, Barry Goldwater and Bill Buckley: What a reunion it must be…! (END)