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Two Cops Ambushed In Philadelphia


By Hunter Wallace

I have been wondering if we were going to be hearing from the Black Lives Matter movement again – a new police shooting, a race riot – before the November election:

“A gun-toting madman and an innocent bystander were killed during a chaotic West Philadelphia shootout that also left two cops and three civilians wounded Friday evening, authorities said.

The unidentified shooter walked up to Sgt. Sylvia Young’s squad car in the Walnut Hill neighborhood around 11:20 p.m. and shot her as many as eight times through an open window. …

Ross said a note believed to be written by the shooter was recovered near Young’s car. The twisted letter allegedly contained rambling anti-police rhetoric and even named a parole officer as a specific target. …”

Philadelphia? That’s bold.

BTW, there was another incident like this in Phoenix this week which was completely overshadowed by the news cycle:

“A man accused of trying to run over three Phoenix police officers, in what the police chief described as a “violent, intentional attack,” appeared in court this morning.

Marc LaQuon Payne, 44, is facing charges that include three counts of attempted first-degree murder and five counts of aggravated assault. He was denied bail and did not enter a plea.

The judge said Payne would be appointed an attorney. His next court appearance was set for next Tuesday.

Surveillance Video Shows Moment Suspect Tries to Run Over 3 Phoenix Police Officers With Car
Phoenix Police Chief Joe Yahner said the three cops were standing in a parking lot early Tuesday when the suspect drove “directly at them, attempting to run them over.”

Yahner said the car hit two of the officers, collided into a police car and crashed into a store, in a moment caught on surveillance video. …”

I saw the video below a few days ago on FOX News. This is the second time this week that police officers have been targeted for assassination.