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Jessica Leeds quoted Velvet Underground Song in airplane groping claim

airplane-seatGuest Post by Merideth Quincey

“He was like an octopus. His hands were everywhere.” This does not sound like a victim remembering a factual event. This is someone quoting a song by Velvet Underground.

The New York Times has a history of publishing fake claims and fake quotes about Donald Trump. We also know, because of Wikileaks, that the New York Times is colluding with Hillary in an extremely unethical way. They are allowing Hillary to veto parts of stories.

For the New York Times to cook up sexual assault hoaxes is disgusting. A new low for a paper that has been reaching lower and lower for the past year. It also trivializes actual victims.

The New York Times was also so careless they use a claim that is impossible. Trump could not have possibly raised the armrest of a first class seat in an airplane the 1980s.