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The #KaineWreck


By Hunter Wallace

It wasn’t even close.

Tim Kaine lost the vice presidential debate. His speech at the Democratic convention was … bizarre. His performance tonight was beyond terrible – nothing but flailing attacks. My only complaint about Pence was the neoconnery on Russia. His only job though was to win this debate and he knocked it out of the park.

Pence was cool, calm, confident, knowledgeable, solid. He refused to take Kaine’s bait. He stayed on message. Unlike Trump in the first debate, Pence hit Hillary over “Basket of Deplorables,” implicit bias/systemic racism in the police, and brought up refugees and immigration. He also covered all his bases on issues like taxes and abortion and illustrated why Trump was smart to put him on the ticket.

What does Tim Kaine bring to the table for Hillary? He is equally creepy and unlikable. Progressives were right to have their doubts about this guy.