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Trump Shock Victory Among 27k Public School Students In Maine

trump-trainGuest Post by Eva Larson

There is a relentless effort by the entertainment industry to brainwash America’s children so they will grow up to vote Democrat. A large percentage of public schools teachers and public school administrators also spoon-feed children cultural Marxism on a daily basis. In fact, public school teachers are considered part of the Democrat Party’s base.

Nevertheless, Trump actually won a mock election among 27,000 public school children in blue state!

The mock election was open to students aged K-12 at 155 different public schools. The mock election is conducted by the Office of the Secretary of State.

The students dutifully voted in favor of a bunch of statist/big government ballot initiatives. They voted for two tax hikes, a minimum wage increase, more gun control, and to keep cannabis illegal for persons over 21. They did however, vote in favor of ranked-choice voting, which could be considered an anti-establishment move. However, most of the students probably had no idea what they were even voting on. Most adults would not know what ranked-choice voting means.

Based on how the students voted for the six ballot initiatives, you would think that the election should have been a slam dunk for Hillary. You would also expect that public school students in a blue state would vote for Hillary in even larger numbers than their parents.

WRONG! Trump beat Hillary by a point and a half.

The students voted for US Congress based on their district. Both incumbents, one Republican and one Democrat, won by large margins.

Candidate Party Votes Percentage
Clinton, Hillary Rodham Democratic 10849 40.3%
Johnson, Gary Libertarian 2788 10.4%
Stein, Jill Green Independent 1348 5.0%
Trump, Donald J. Republican 11190 41.6%
Other 726 2.7%
Representative to Congress, District 1
Candidate Party Votes Percentage
Holbrook, Mark I. Republican 4692 44.8%
Pingree, Chellie Democratic 5660 54.0%
Other 121 1.2%
Representative to Congress, District 2
Candidate Party Votes Percentage
Cain, Emily Ann Democratic 5058 44.4%
Poliquin, Bruce Republican 6257 54.9%
Other 85 0.7%
Question 1: Citizen Initiative (marijuana)
Votes Percentage
Yes 7939 47.0%
No 8938 53.0%
Question 2: Citizen Initiative (tax for K-12)
Votes Percentage
Yes 9311 54.7%
No 7704 45.3%
Question 3: Citizen Initiative (background checks for firearms)
Votes Percentage
Yes 10291 59.9%
No 6875 40.1%
Question 4: Citizen Initiative (minimum wage)
Votes Percentage
Yes 10142 61.1%
No 6447 38.9%
Question 5: Citizen Initiative (ranked choice voting)
Votes Percentage
Yes 9238 57.1%
No 6927 42.9%
Question 6: Bond Issue (transportation)
Votes Percentage
Yes 8436 53.3%
No 7403 46.7%