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The MARs Revolution Has Arrived


By Hunter Wallace

As I saw Donald Trump winning Iowa, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and nearly winning Maine and Minnesota on Tuesday night, I found myself thinking … this is Sam Francis’s moment in the sun and vindication, this is the MARs Revolution that Sam Francis envisioned.

“I told [Buchanan] privately that he would be better off without all the hangers-on, direct-mail artists, fund-raising whiz kids, marketing and PR czars, and the rest of the crew that today constitutes the backbone of all that remains of the famous “Conservative Movement” and who never fail to show up on the campaign doorstep to guzzle someone else’s liquor and pocket other people’s money. “These people are defunct,” I told him. “You don’t need them, and you’re better off without them. Go to New Hampshire and call yourself a patriot, a nationalist, an America Firster, but don’t even use the word ‘conservative.’ It doesn’t mean anything any more.”

Pat listened, but I can’t say he took my advice. By making his bed with the Republicans, then and today, he opens himself to charges that he’s not a “true” party man or a “true” conservative, constrains his chances for victory by the need to massage trunk-waving Republicans whose highest goal is to win elections, and only dilutes and deflects the radicalism of the message he and his Middle American Revolution have to offer. The sooner we hear that message loudly and clearly, without distractions from Conservatism, Inc., the Stupid Party, and their managerial elite, the sooner Middle America will be able to speak with an authentic and united voice, and the sooner we can get on with conserving the nation from the powers that are destroying it. [Chronicles] ….”

Don’t even use the word “conservative.” It doesn’t mean anything any more. Jettison the TruCons. You don’t them and they are worthless. Trump ran as a populist and nationalist and against the united opposition of conservative pundits and intellectuals.

Don’t let them say no one saw it coming. Don’t let them say no one had the vision. History has vindicated Sam Francis and decisively repudiated movement conservatism.

Note: No one would have been happier by what happened on Tuesday than my father-in-law Gordon Baum had he lived to see it. He spent his whole adult life working toward it. He believed in politics. He believed in White America. To the very end.