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Seattle anti-racist activist shot by Asian man outside Milo speaking event

by Ryan Norton

Radical leftists staged a violent riot outside of a Seattle speaking event by Milo Yiannopoulos on Friday night. They assaulted people and threw bricks and paint at police officers. Then someone shot a 32 year old white male in the abdomen. The injury was considered life threatening. The victim was still listed as being in critical condition on Saturday. Two men, including the shooter, turned themselves in to University of Washington police a few hours after the shooting.

Shortly after, a local “Antifa” gang in Seattle announced that the victim is one of their “comrades.” They immediately blamed the shooting on a “Trump supporter.” So-called “Antifa” gangs wear all black and routinely engage in violence to suppress the first amendment rights of conservatives. Antifa groups brag openly on the internet about committing criminal acts.

The man who was shot was wearing political buttons identifying him as having a far-left/Marxist ideology. Friends told Seattle media that he is a dedicated “anti-racist,” and has a highly visible “anti-Nazi tattoo.” However, the shooter would not have necessarily known what all the esoteric symbols meant.

However, the police have now disclosed information about the suspect. He is a fifty year old “Asian.” He told police he was attacked by “some type of white supremacist,” and was forced to shoot the man in self-defense.

University of Washington police released both men on Saturday, including the shooter. The only gave a tiny statement saying:

Following investigation of the details surrounding the incident, and in consultation with the prosecuting attorney’s office, the suspects were released pending further investigation. No suspects remain outstanding.

Seattle authorities appear to be treating the shooting as justifiable self-defense.