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Antifa leader brags to VICE News about how violent they are

VICE News shadowed Antifa gang members before and during their planned attempted to “shut down” a conference near Nashville, TN. The segment exposes how they embrace violence as their main tactic.

The written article from VICE News has even more statements from Antifa leader Naya where he admits the group engages in violence. VICE News, which openly adopted a far-left bias after being purchased by HBO, describes Antifa as “brutal” and “physically violent.”

Infowars did an amazing analysis of the VICE News video and article.

A VICE News camera crew recorded an Antifa protest in Nashville and then admitted that it did not go well. It actually went far worse than what VICE News describes. VICE News omitted that an Antifa went to the hotel on Wednesday and was arrested for violence. This led to the police forcing all protesters to stand in a penned in an area on Saturday. Despite claiming that hundreds of protesters were coming, very few actually showed up. After a while, masked Antifa protesters turned on older protesters from a group called TN Anti-Racism Network. The older protesters chastized the Antifa for their violent ways. Masked Antifa became hostile and trampled the signs brought by the TN Anti-Racism Network.

As the situation got uglier, more police moved in and all the protesters went home early. What was supposed to be an all-day protest ended over five hours early.