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YouGov: Europeans are more concerned about immigration than any other issue

The international polling firm YouGov surveyed voters in eleven different EU countries.

Each person was asked:

What do you think are the two most important issues facing the EU at the moment?

They were given a list of 15 issues:

Denmark: immigration 53%, terrorism 24%
Finland: immigration 53%, terrorism 29%
Greece: immigration 51%, terrorism 30%
Sweden: immigration 49%, terrorism 27%
Italy: immigration 47%, unemployment 35%
Germany: immigration 43%, terrorism 26%
Franch: immigration 41%, terrorism 38%
Poland: terrorism 43%, immigration 42%
Great Britain: immigration 39%, terrorism 35%
Lithuania: immigration 35%, terrorism 34%
Spain: unemployment 36%, immigration 26%

Immigration was the top pick in nine out of eleven countries. It was a top two pick in 11 out of 11 countries. Terrorism, which is related to immigration, was a top two pick in nine out of eleven countries.

Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Greece, and Italy also ranked immigration as the largest national security threat, from a list of seven threats. Immigration and terrorism were tied for first place in Germany. Great Britain, Spain, and France ranked terrorism as the number one security threat. Poland and Lithuania ranked Russia as their number one security threat.

Europeans are turning sharply against immigration and few believe that their governments will do anything. Of the eleven countries surveyed, note that Poland and Denmark are probably the two with the strictest immigration policies right now.

Another question was:

How secure or insecure do you feel about each of the following? immigration

These are the percentages that feel insecure about immigration.

Greece: 78%
Italy: 72%
France: 71%
Germany: 65%
Spain: 63%
Sweden: 59%
Lithuania: 58%
Finland: 57%
Denmark: 56%
Poland: 53%
Great Britain: 51%

Another question was:

How much do you trust your national government to make things better in the following area? Immigration

These are the percentages that do not trust their government to improve immigration.

Greece: 83%
Lithuania: 78%
Spain: 74%
France: 71%
Italy: 70%
Finland: 69%
Sweden: 68%
Great Britain: 67%
Germany: 65%
Denmark: 54%
Poland: 53%

Sweden is widely considered to be the most left-wing country in the world and a basket case on immigration. However, last weekend’s Party Leaders debate showed that even the Swedish public is largely against immigration now.