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Fight back against Google/Youtube/Facebook/Twitter censorship by blocking all their ads

A large majority of all online syndicated ads are from Google Adsense. This is a near total monopoly, and by Google’s own admission, they began discriminating against conservatives on a massive scale in 2015. In fact, Google actually bragged that they demonetized hundreds of thousands of web-pages and millions of Youtube videos in 2015 alone. Google listed “hate speech,” an extremely ambiguous undefined term, as the number one reason for demonetizing content.

Google no longer allows conservative websites to monetize their content. The same goes for Google-owned Youtube, which has dramatically increased discrimination and censorship of conservatives over the past couple weeks. In fact, most social media websites seem to be in a mass purge of conservative content ahead of the midterm elections.

Remember when the internet first started and everyone was on the same playing field? There were no giant monopolies that subsidized left-wing content while at the same time censoring conservative content?

There is an easy and highly effective way to fight back. Use simple adblocking software.

Step #1

Download Brave Browser.

Or, download the Opera Browser and select adblocking in the settings.

Or, download the Adblock Plus Extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Download Brave Browser for your Android or Iphone. (Click the app store on your cell phone and type “Brave”)

There are also many other browser extensions available to block ads.

Step #2

Tell everyone you know to use the adblocking software on every computer and cellphone they own.

Step #3

The corporate media will no longer be subsidized by Google’s Adsense monopoly, while everyone else is locked out. Social media giants will crumble. All websites, Youtube Channels, ect must sell ads directly, collect donations, or sell merchandise on the same playing field.

Brave Browser has already built a global Patreon style tipping service in which you can donate money to any website or Youtube Channel in the whole world from one place using cryptocurrency.

Fact: The payout for Google Adsense ads has been declining each year since 2007. The amount of money people are willing to pay for ads keeps dropping. The amount of people blocking ads keeps going up. Many major “mainstream” online media outlets are actually deeply in debt because of continuously falling ad revenue. Major websites like Huffington Post and laying off paid staff and increasingly using unpaid bloggers.

The use of adblocking has already become the norm in some Asian countries. In the USA, about 40%-50% of young males already use it. If we can accelerate the proliferation of adblocking, we bring down the Google/Youtube/Twitter/Facebook/MSM cyber-tyranny overnight.

Google is so desperate they are now making a fake Adblocker to confuse people. The new version of Google Chrome contains an option that purports to be an Adblocker. What it actually does is block ads from Google’s tiny competitors.


Adblocking will hurt the websites I like.

Anything right of center or remotely politically incorrect is already demonetized or will be demonized in the near future. Websites you like can still post “native ads.” That means they can still sell ads to people directly and post them on their websites. They can use native self-hosted ad rotation programs. Adblocking will only block syndicated ads from 3rd parties like Google Adsense.

Websites and Youtube Channels that are even slightly politically incorrect are already relying on donations and merchandise sales instead of ad revenue.

I’m not tech savvy. Adblocking can’t really be that easy.

Just click the links above and you will be blocking ads in seconds. Adblock Plus, Brave Browser, and Opera are all extremely effective and require no technical savvy. Browsing the internet will immediately become much more enjoyable.

You can’t block ads on a cellphone.

Click the app store button on your Android or Iphone. Type “Brave.” Download the Brave Browser. It is that easy. You can disabe the Youtube App and the Google Chrome App, because you will never want to use them again.